General history of the South African forest industry: 1991 to 2002: information paper

  • WJA Louw
Keywords: Forest industry history, 1991 to 2002


"Adapt or die" is a clich้ that is often used to emphasise the need to change to ensure survival and sustained growth. During the 1990s the Forest Industry had to do just that. Never in the history of forestry did so many changes take place on so many fronts. The industry responded well to most of the challenges to ensure its long term viability. Two of the major events during this period were the privatisation of the former Safcol and the democratisation process of South Africa. These and other main events in the history of the forest industry are presented in this paper under: forest law and policy, privatisation of State forests, afforestation, economics, outsourcing, protection, environmental matters, research, education and training and professionalism.

Key Words: Forest industry history, 1991 to 2002

Southern African Forestry Journal Vol.201, 2004: 65-76

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eISSN: 2070-2639
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