Deeds of distinction: The Story of Madam Agnes Adwoa Afra

  • CO Benneh


The narrative presents a case of the silencing and marginalization of the contributions of the many rural women, whose efforts help to improve human life and meaning. Madam Agnes Adwoa Afra's life story and experiences should serve as a cogent reminder to women and gender activists across this country, Ghana, that women who show exceptional performance in offering humanitarian and other services are present in every segment of our society. Madam Adwoa Afra has spoken for many by sharing her life story. This narrative piece highlights the need to search for the many women in rural settings in many parts of Ghana whose remarkable activities and services are often unheard of, unacknowledged and/or not unrecognized. Whether other women of her like, with such strong values within our rural communities will share the joy of nationwide acknowledgement and documentation of their activities would greatly depend on the efforts of gender activists, who owe them the duty to bring them to limelight. In this biographical study, which re/presents a conversation and discussions on her life and deeds, Madam Agnes Adwoa Afra shares her experiences as a farmer, parent, role model, philanthropist and humanitarian.

Keywords: Biography, Life Story, Philanthropist, Role Model, Rural Woman

Studies in Gender and Development in Africa Vol. 1 (1) 2007: pp. 120-131

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eISSN: 0855-9449