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Physico-chemical properties of ten cowpea lines on resistance to Callosobruchus maculatus (Walp)

AJ Akintola, OO Oyegoke


Ten IITA Cowpea lines were evaluated for their Physico-Chemical properties to assess their potential for resistance to Callosobruchus maculates. IT 90K–277–2 showed highest resistance while IT 97K–497–2 showed least resistance (high susceptibility) on the basis of number of insect F1 generation (i.e. 454.00+149.61) and grain weight loss (7.33g). Correlation between fecundity and grain weight loss was positive. The result of the proximate analysis has no correlation with susceptibility. The seed coat texture plays significant role in inducing ovipositional response. Non-preference was suspected to be the resistant mechanism.

Key words/phrases: Callosobruchus maculatus, non- preference, resistance
SINET: Ethiop. J. Sci. Vol.27(1) 2004: 71-74

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