Disseminating and measuring research impact through academic social media among library and information science educators in Nigerian universities

  • Rita Otibhor Salami
  • Katamba A. Saka
  • Mohammed Abubakar Bitagi
  • Samuel J. Udoudoh


The study examined the role of academic social media(ASM) as a medium of disseminating and measuring research impact among library and information science educators(LISE) in Nigeria. The study was guided by three specific objectives, these include type/types of ASM utilised by LISE in disseminating their research findings, to ascertain the extent LISE in Nigerian universities disseminate their research findings using ASM platforms, and to determine the frequency LISE in Nigerian Universities measure their research impact through ASM. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study and the target population consisted of 348 LISE in 37 University-based Library Schools in Nigeria. A sample size of 258 LISE was drawn from the population using the multistage sampling technique. A structured questionnaire with a five-point likert scale was designed in line with the research questions. 30 copies of the validated, corrected, and returned questionnaire was pretested using the Cronbach alpha method and the following reliability coefficients were obtained in the 3 sections of the questionnaire: 0846,0.924 and 0.978 respectively A total of 258 copies of the questionnaire were administered on respondents (online) through their respective e-mails. The response rate showed that 190 copies of the questionnaire were retrieved. Percentage, frequency counts, and mean scores were used in the analysis of data. Results showed that the majority of LISE do not disseminate their research findings in ASM platforms. It was equally revealed that respondents frequently monitored the number of citations their research works had received. The study concluded that the low use of ASM in disseminating research findings could be a result of the lack of ASM policy use in Nigerian universities. The study recommended amongst others that LISE should ensure they disseminate their research findings through ASM to facilitate global visibility.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-5414