Factors Affecting The Levels Of Job Satisfaction Of Female Librarians In Nigeria: A Test Of Herzberg's Hygiene/ Motivator Factors

  • G Badawo


This study was designed to investigate the levels of job satisfaction of female librarians in Nigeria using Herzberg's Hygiene/Motivator factors of job satisfaction. Its aim was to provide an empirical test of the applicability of Herzberg's Hygiene/Motivator factors of job satisfaction on female librarians in Nigeria. A total of 228 randomly selected female librarians from 35 libraries drawn from the six geographical zones of Nigeria constituted the sample, 176 female librarians from 35 libraries returned useable questionnaires for the data analysis. Descriptive and Inferential statistics were used to analyse the data collected. The results of the study showed that female librarians in Nigeria are very satisfied with achievement, interpersonal relationships, recognition, growth/advancement, work itself, salary, personal life and job security. They reported moderate satisfaction with supervision and responsibility. They accounted the lowest job satisfaction with status and working condition. The study pointed out that the one overwhelming dissatisfaction of female librarians in Nigeria towards their job revealed in this study was towards policy and administration of libraries. This meant that more studies on the job attitude of library administrators should be undertaken to lessen this common dissatisfaction among female librarians. The study revealed the need for a new approach to librarianship in Nigeria by considering the human side of the profession as well as its technical side.

Samaru Journal of Information Studies Vol. 6 (1&2) 2006: pp. 6-12

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eISSN: 1596-5414