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The impact of gender on difficulty of classical open cholecystectomy

MKM Idris
EEA Mohamed
MAM Ibnouf
AMM Massaad
MS Abdelaziz
TM Husein
AA Hamza
TA Elbakhiet


Background: Cholecystectomy demands attention, and expectation of abnormal anatomy in the veins, arteries or ducts. Prediction of difficult cholecystectomy does not only helpin patient counseling but also helps the surgeon to prepare better for the technical difficulties that may be encountered1-3.
The aim: To find out whether there is impact of gender on the difficulty of surgery during open cholecystectomy.
Patients and methods: This is a prospective hospital based study. Patients who presented to Ibn Sina Hospital for open cholecystectomy during the period from April 2011 to April 2012 were included in this study. Special emphasis was put on gender, the operative time, difficulty of surgery
and complications of open cholecystectomy. A pre-tested questionnaire was filled during interview of patients and operating surgeons.
Results: A total 327 operations were included in the study. Of them there were 34(64.2%) males and 99(36.1%) females presented early i.e. after the first diagnosis was made. The mean operative time was 44.6 min for males and 43.57 min for females. Difficult surgery was described in 6(11.3%) of male and 23(8.4%) females.
Conclusion: There was no significant statistical difference in the operative time, difficulty of operation and complication rate between males and females.

Key words: Open cholecystectomy, difficulty, gender.

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eISSN: 1858-5051