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Aneurysmal Bone Cyst: A Case Report Demonstrating the Role of Curettage, Bone Grafting and Prophylactic Screw Fixation

WT Yongu, IC Elachi, DD Mue, JA Ngbea


Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) is a rare osteolytic bone tumour characterized by several sponge-likeblood or serum filled, non-endothelialized spaces of  various diameters. When it is located in the proximal femur it is associated with increased risk of pathological fracture. Different treatment modalities have been reported for the management of aneurysmal bone cysts, including surgical excision with or without adjuvants, intralesional injection of sclerosing agents, radiation therapy, cryotherapy, systemic calcitonin therapy, and selective arterial embolization. We present a young man with a proximal femoral ABC who was treated successfully with curettage, cancellous bone grafting and prophylactic cancellous screw fixation.

Keywords: Aneurysmal bone cyst, prophylactic fixation, bone graft.

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