Histopathologic Pattern of Thyroid Disease in 1351 Thyroidectomy Patients

  • Gamal Eldin Hussein A. El Shallaly
  • Babiker A. B. Ibrahim
  • Modather M.E. Salih
  • Mohamed M. I. Elhajahmed
  • Mohammed F. E. Mohammed
  • Reem O. M. Daffalla
  • Ruaa E. H. Yassin
  • Rayan M. M. Ahmed


Background: Thyroid disease poses a major clinical problem. Knowledge of the pattern and distribution of thyroid disease is important to establish  prevention and treatment protocols. This is hampered by lack of data.

Methods: This is a retrospective descriptive study of histopathology reports on thyroid tissue surgically excised from patients over a 10-year-period (from  2009-2020) at a major teaching hospital. Demographic data on patients included the age, gender, geographical location and ethnic origin.

Results: A total of 1351 histopathological reports on thyroid patients were studied. Twenty one patients (1.6Most of our patients come from Khartoum  (76.3Simple multinodular goiter (SMNG) accounted for (78.6

Conclusions: The study identified the histopathological pattern of thyroid disease. SMNG was the commonest benign disease. Follicular and Hurtle cell  carcinoma combined were almost as frequent as papillary carcinoma. Prevention of SMNG by iodinization, early detection of thyroid neoplasms, and  studies on goitrogens should be activated. 


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1858-5051