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Morbidity and Mortality Pattern of Neonates Admitted into Nursery Unit in Wad Medani Hospital, Sudan

EM Elhassan
AA Hassanb
OA Mirghani
I Adam


Background: Neonatal outcome is an important indicator of obstetrics and health care. Few or no published data are available concerning neonatal morbidity and mortality in Sudan. Objectives: To study morbidity and mortality pattern amongst inborn neonates admitted into nursery unit in Wad Medani Hospital, Sudan during the period Jan-June, 2009.
Results: A total of 1211 (29.5%) out of 4098 in-born neonates were admitted during study period. The major indications for neonatal admission were; infections 300 (24.8%), low birth weight (LBW) 307(25.4%) and asphyxia 130(10.7). There were 133(11%) neonatal deaths; preterm delivery, LBW and birth asphyxia were the major causes of death among these neonates.
Conclusion: neonatal infection, preterm birth and LBW were the common causes of neonatal morbidity and mortality. There is an urgent need for more research throughout the country concerning these common causes of morbidity and mortality.

Key words: pregnancy, preterm delivery, low birth weight, asphyxia