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Toxic Potential of Ethanolic Extract of <i>Acacia nilotica</i> (Garad) in rats

TM El-Hadiyah
NH Abdulhadi
EEM Badico
EYG Mohammed


Objective: The study aimed to investigate acute and sub-acute toxic potential of ethanolic extract of Acacia nilotica (Garad) in rats.
Methods: LD50 of Garad was determined. Changes in behavioral response, induced by sub-acute treatments were recorded. Elevated urea, creatinine, ALT (GPT) and AST (GOT) in plasma were taken as evidence for impaired kidney and liver function.
Results: LD50 of Garad extract was found to be 215.36 mg/kg (124.84 – 317.47). Regarding sub acute treatment, observations on seventh and fourteenth days showed slight to moderate sedation at various doses. On day 21 no behavioral changes were recorded. However, a treatment for three
weeks induced significant elevation in urea and ALT (p < 0.05).
Conclusion: It can be concluded that the ethanolic extract of Garad has got some toxicity when administered sub acutely and intraperitoneally in rats, particularly at high dose (60 mg/kg).