Condom use among illegal multi-partners females in the Sudan

  • ZA Zeidan
  • MZ Abdu
  • MO Gadour
  • NM Bhairy


Background: Professional multi-partners females have relatively high numbers of sexual partners. The prevalence of HIV among multi-partners is high. Illegal multi-partners females probably have the same high risk.
Objective: To describe baseline indicators of condom use during sexual intercourse among a religiously prohibited, and socially non accepted population which is represented by illegal multipartners females.
Methodology: From Oct 2010 to Dec 2010, we collected data on condom use and sexual habits of 102 illegal multi-partners females, in two cities (Khartoum & Kasala). Because it is religiously prohibited, and is a social stigma in an Islamic community, access to multi-partners females for
research purpose is very difficult in Sudan. Nevertheless, women were recruited as they were seeking care in STIs at dermatology & STIs public clinics in Khartoum and Kassala
Results: The median age of female multi-partners was 36 years (range 21 -56). The reported median number of clients was 80 per month (range 4 – 200 clients). Vaginal intercourse was most common (98%) and anal  intercourse was infrequent (10%). Of 102 participants, 97 (95%) reported
no use of condom with their clients, whereas five women (4.9%) reported irregular use of condom. Of 102 participants only four (3.92%) are ported being tested for HIV infection. Of 102 participants 61/102 (60%) did not have condoms during sexual intercourse, whereas 20 (19.61%) reported resistance of the partners, 15% although they knew the benefit if using condoms, but partners pay more if not use and 5% were indifferent if use or not.
Conclusion: Our results confirm that illegal multi-partners females may be at increased risk for HIV infection and so their clients will also be at high risk of contracting HIV. Beside being religiously and legally prohibited and socially unacceptable, this unsafe practice can create a serious health problem.

Keywords: HIV, Vaginal, sexual.


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eISSN: 1858-5051