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The Effect of Honey and Vitamin C on the Response of Dogs to Anti-Rabies Vaccination

OO Igado, TO Omobowale, HO Nottidge


The effects of oral administration of local honey and Vitamin C on rabies antibody titre levels and packed cell volume (PCV) in dogs vaccinated with Anti-rabies vaccine obtained from the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) Vom, Nigeria, were assessed. The dogs were bled on day 0 prior to vaccination, and after vaccination were bled on days 3, 7 and subsequently
weekly for eleven weeks. Statistical analysis showed a consistently higher Group Mean Titre (GMT) value in the antibody levels, using  haemagglutination and heamaglutination inhibition method, and PCV of the vaccinated animals given either local honey or vitamin C. Local honey and vitamin C have been shown from the studies to have immuno-potentiating effects. These products are also readily available in Nigeria. This procedure could enhance the response to ARV and thus reduce the rabies vaccination
breaks frequently reported. The administration of these substances could also enhance the PCV level.

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