The Relationship between Central Corneal Thickness and Intraocular Pressure in Adult Nigerians without Glaucoma

  • E Iyamu
  • F Kio
  • FK Idu
  • B Osedeme
Keywords: Central corneal thickness, Intraocular pressure, Non-contact tonometry, Ultrasound pachymetry


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between central corneal thickness (CCT) and intraocular pressure (IOP) in a predominantly black population. A total of eighty-five subjects (right eyes) with mean age 44.7 ± 15.1 years consisting of 49 males and 36 females were recruited for this study. The central corneal thickness was measured by ultrasound pachymetry (SW-1000P pachymeter, Tianjin Suowei Electronic Technology, China) and intraocular pressure with Keeler Pulsair EasyEye Non-contact tonometer (Keeler Instruments, USA). The mean CCT for the studied population was 550.0 ± 36.3ìm, while the mean IOP was 15.0 ± 2.6mmHg. Although there was a downward trend in the central corneal thickness towards the older age, the association between CCT and age was significant (r=-0.25, p=0.021). However, the association between intraocular pressure and age was not significant (r=0.091, p=0.41). There was no significant association between CCT and IOP (r=0.052, p=0.64). Neither central corneal thickness nor intraocular pressure was influenced by age. There was no significant association between central corneal thickness and intraocular pressure.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2076-6270
print ISSN: 2076-6270