Child labour and forced marriage: Modern slavery in Nigeria

  • James Ajang Aboh
Keywords: Child Labour, Forced marriage, Slavery Hawking, Education, Cultures.


The seemingly buoyant economy of Nigeria notwithstanding, child labour, abuse, minor marriages, forced marriages and other social vices abound. While some researchers blame the situation on hardship engendered by corruption, greed and nepotism, others blame the situation on some cultures. Many more believe it is the impact of globalization or a mere characteristic of third world countries. As tongues are wagging in the academic world, the social world is not an exception as this endemic phenomenon has catapulted Nigeria into an existing 'Hell Fire' here on earth. Little wonder therefore, in the midst of the world economic 'colossus' avoidable endemics like child labour, abuse and forced marriages stare conspicuously at her face. It is very common to see on the streets of Nigeria, children less than six years hawking, begging or angrily looking for shelter. On the other side of the street are pregnant minor on rags either begging for food, money or clothes to cover their nakedness. This scene is not only in one town, community or village but traverse the length and breadth of the Nigerian nation. Evidence abound about children who grow into adulthood, start families of their own under bridges, mechanic workshops and other makeshift apartments in Nigerian major cities. The origin, causes and possible solutions form the subject matter of this paper. The method used is the expository method.

Keywords: Child Labour, Forced marriage, Slavery Hawking, Education, Cultures.


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