The status of a slave in aristotle's Polis: A philosophical analysis

  • Augustus A Essien


The institution of slavery can be said to be as old as the genesis of human society. But in the ancient Greece, especially in Aristotle‟s era, people did not become  slaves as victims of circumstances, they were rather said to be slaves by nature and hence, they were like tools in the hands of the master. This article sets out to show what constituted a slave in Aristotle‟s time. What were the functions of a slave and what was his/her citizenship status in the Polis? These questions are addressed in three sections through an analysis of Aristotle‟s Politics Book 1 Chapter II and supported by materials relevant to the topic.

Key words: Slave (Slavery), Master, Polis, Citizen (Citizenship), Household


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eISSN: 1119-443X