The United Nations sanctions against insurgents in Nigeria: An appraisal

  • Michael P Okom
  • James Archibong
Keywords: United Nations, Sanctions, Insurgents, Nigeria, Law


On 22nd May, 2014, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), at the request of Nigeria, imposed sanctions on Boko Haram, an insurgent group operating in Nigeria. This was in response to a spate of attacks, bombings, killings and kidnappings perpetrated by the group. The United Nations is endowed with tools to deal with violations such as these, including a referral to an international criminal tribunal. The sanctions have sent a strong message to armed groups that the international community will no longer tolerate impunity in Nigeria. It is, therefore, a clarion call to insurgents and their sponsors to lay down their weapons and embrace peace. Nigerians should be spared the violence and trauma they are going through, and unless their perpetrators have a change of heart, they will sooner than later be held accountable before an international tribunal.

Keywords: United Nations, Sanctions, Insurgents, Nigeria, Law


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