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Edward Wilson‟s conception of socio-biology: Its implication to the study of philosophy of science

Emmanuel K. Eyo


Essentially, sociobiology is the study of the biological determinants of social behaviour. Based on that such behaviour is often genetically transmitted and subjected to evolutionary processes. E.O Wilson a foremost sociobiologist argued vigorously the assumption that gene plays an indispensible role in human behaviour and that environment plays little or role in human sociality.This position translates into the fact that,traits such as goodness, being virtuous, aggressiveness, cheating, selfishness and other vices can be explained by biology rather than a person‘s social environment. Further, this sociobiological stance implies that human behaviour can be predicted accurately. It is on this strength, that this research rebuffs this Wilson‘s averment, cognizant that man is a complex object of study, that has mind, makes decision about meanings, influenced, and asks question about meanings.Within the ambience of sociobiology, this research argues that, these assumptions and claims are not tenable and there are some implicationsto the study of philosophy of science.

Keywords: Socio-Biology, Philosophy of Science, Behaviour genetical

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