Policy consistency and the achievement of Nigeria’s foreign policy goals: Nigeria participation in the Africa peacekeeping initiative of Somalia in view

  • Thomas Alama Etalong
Keywords: Peacekeeping, Policy consistency, Foreign Policy, Somalia, Goals


This study is an attempt to investigate the policy consistency of Nigeria‟s foreign policy and to understand the basis for this consistency; and also to see whether peacekeeping/peace-enforcement is key instrument in the achievement of Nigeria‟s foreign policy goals. The objective of the study was to examine whether the use of peacekeeping/ peace-enforcement like the case of Somalia has helped Nigeria to achieve its central foreign policy objective. In the aspect of theoretical framework, one theory was used in explaining and analysing the circumstance surrounding peacekeeping initiative and policy decision/implementation. This theory shades more light on the two areas touched in this work. The data translated was consistent with the theory and did not alter them. In similar studies such theoretical framework can be adopted. The research design used was survey design, the area of study which summarized the geographical, social, economic, and cultural, historical and revealed aspect of lives that are predominant and provides the environment in which people live. Purposive sampling method (judgmental) was employed in determining the population size and fifty officials who were adjudged to have sufficient knowledge and information about the subject matter of inquiry. The instrument used was structured interview of respondent.

Keywords: Peacekeeping, Policy consistency, Foreign Policy, Somalia, Goals


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