From utopia to dystopia: a critical examination of one world government and its implications for human societies

  • J. Chidozie Chukwuokolo
Keywords: Utopia, Dystopia, One World Government, Human, Societies


The paper aims at a critical examination of the claims of one world government. We use the philosophical method of hermeneutics and Turabian documentation in the attempt to give a detailed and critical examination of the possibility of one world government. The paper studies the utopic assumptions of one world government, concept of one world government, variants of one world government such as globalization and liberal internationalism while using United Nations and European Union as models or foretaste of one world government. Similarly, the paper studies the challenges to one world government such as the premillennialist Christian claims regarding the end time antichrist, triumph of a particular individual, group or political interest, e.t.c. Our findings make it obvious that though state sovereignty or multilateral governance in the world faces terrible lack of trust, abuses and unmitigated corruption, one world government is not immune from these vices. Also, the proponents of one world government claim that the values of globalization and technological advancement make it convincing that one world government is possible. On this the paper argues that globalization and technological advancement are mere tools to support better life than a system of government. One of the strongest claims of one world government is that it would be a surge of diplomacy and honest broker of peace in a world ruined with chaos, corruption and impunity. The paper response to this is that one world government would be a failure on arrival minding the complexity of the human person and the undeniable regional differences in the world. The implication drawn from the study proves that one world government claim is a deception and denial of stark reality minding regional needs and governance. Hence after careful examination of one world government, the paper dissuades the quest for one world government as a practice of such would amount to total collapse of governance, order, security, active participation and economy.

Keywords: Utopia, Dystopia, One World Government, Human, Societies


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eISSN: 1119-443X