Caribbean piracy and youth restiveness in Niger delta: A comparative analysis

  • OO Asukwo


Our aim in this paper is to make a comparative analysis of Caribbean piracy and youth restiveness in Niger Delta of Nigeria. It will not be out of place to carry out such an analysis having seen, heard or read of the ongoing chaos, insecurity in the Niger Delta Zone in Nigeria. We have to look at the past to find out such similar antecedent and its attendant effects on the then mercantilism. What was the cause of such in Caribbean region? Does it have any bearing or similarity with Niger Delta's situation? These are part of the few questions this paper is out to answer after a careful comparison and possibly recommend some principles to adopt in order to solve this monster of youth restiveness in Niger Delta. Of course this work is not void of the spirit of patriotism since we cannot close our eyes and see our youth wasting constantly away. And since a Philosopher is a child of his age, we have to package and anchor our mind-frame subjectively within our given socio-economic and political entity to solve this problem. This is what Philosophy is all about. That is, to ask questions and source for answer to man's problem within his domain.

Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy Vol. 8(1) 2005:43-48




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