The Being of Time: A Thematic Appraisal of Mbiti’s Ontology of Time in Africa

  • NU Ukwamedua
Keywords: Space, Time, Ontology


The concept of time is coeval with man’s existence and coterminous with his endeavours and affairs as it dictates the pace of reality for man. Given that people of different climes appreciate reality distinctly/differently, it has also affected their concept of time. This precipitated the novel idea of time that Mbiti assigned to Africa; which is pragmatic, nay existential; but amusingly it lacked a teleological character. This paper appreciates and, stimulate Mibiti’s view. This enabled the paper to establish that Mbiti didn’t treat the concept of time ex professo as he was hasty and myopic in his thematic presentation as traditional/pre-modern African(s) were pragmatic and connotative in the relationship with time and also teleological contrary to Mbiti’s abysmal claim.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-443X