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Nonlinear control of permanent magnet synchronous motor driving a load with two masses

Adel Bouchahed, Ali Belhamra


This paper presents a non-linear control of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) fed by a PWM voltage source inverter. To improve the performance of this control technique, the input-output linearization technique is proposed for a system driving a mechanical load with two masses. In order to ensure a steady operation of PMSM with a high dynamic, a non-linear correction is employed to improve torque, speed and currents characteristics. To validate and confirm the theoretical developments simulation tests were conducted and the obtained results have  demonstrated the robustness of the proposed control strategy and the efficiency of nonlinear controllers operating with several masses.

Key words: synchronous Motor, Non-linear control, PWM Voltage source Inverter, mechanical load in two Masses.

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