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The effect of surface roughness on the performances of liner-piston ring contact in internal combustion engine

Amar Ayad, Amar Skendraoui, Ammar Haiahem


The surface roughness between the liner and the piston rings, plays an important role for good engine performance (friction, oil consumption, wear in the engine, energy losses, etc.). In this paper, an analytical model was developed to study the Tribological performance of a piston rings and rough liner taking into account different roughness orientations. A simplified model of the distribution of the hydrodynamic pressure and the load capacity in the contact are obtained from a simultaneous solution of the Reynolds equation and the equation of motion of the piston rings. A numerical model has been developed to predict the friction and the oil film thickness in mixed lubrication regime, and to evaluate the lubricant viscosity influence and the surface roughness
on the engine performance.

Keywords: Friction – Wear - Piston ring pack- Roughness- Hydrodynamic lubrication.

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