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Alternating flow characteristics of a regenerator under isothermal conditions

Mohamed Said Kahaleras
Guillaume Layes
François Lanzetta
Philippe Nika
Steve Djetel-Gothe


An experimental set up have been designed and built to investigate the alternating flow characteristics of a metallic regenerator with straight channels under isothermal conditions. The operational frequency of the system was run between (0.71-4.25 Hz). Detailed experimental data were obtained for the pressure drop. It is found that the pressure drop of alternating flow in regenerator is different than that of steady state unidirectional flow. The effect of  frequency and size of the regenerator on the pressure drop is presented and discussed. The current results of the friction factor were compared to other studies from the literature employing alternating air flow in similar metallic materials.

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eISSN: 2352-9717
print ISSN: 1111-4924