Causes of road traffic accidents in Juba

  • Akway M. Cham
  • Anthony Lasuba
  • Riing Y. Chan
  • Angelo L. Jockmet
  • Asmaa S. Korokon
  • Malong A. Aguer
  • John L. Otwari
Keywords: Road traffic accidents, private vehicles, alcohol


Introduction: Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are a major cause of death and disability in South Sudan. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether violation of traffic rules is the main cause of RTAs.
Method: A cross sectional study design was used with quantitative data covering January – December 2014. The main objective of the research was to understand the epidemiology of RTAs in order to develop preventive measures. A total of 1,725 cases from road RTAs data were extracted from the directorate of traffic police Central Equatoria state Juba and Juba teaching hospital.
Results: Most (99.5%) of the RTA drivers were not under the influence of alcohol. Most accidents were caused by male drivers (99%). The highest number of RTAs took place in August (11%). Drivers of private vehicles caused most accidents (37%). Most drivers (46%) were aged 20-30 years. RTAs occurred most often on city roads (89.83%). Conclusion: This leads us to conclude that a comprehensive safety system is needed that are premised on the idea of community-based awareness of traffic rules and safety regulations. Resources are limited so there is a need to harness local resources including the local community. More efforts are needed to improve road safety education among the youth/ integrate safety into road design.

Key Words: Road traffic accidents, private vehicles, alcohol


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