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The value of early trimester ultrasound scanning: a case of congenital malformation from Kibaha, Tanzania

Athanase Lilungulu, Willy Mwibea, Mzee Nassoro, Balthazar Gumodoka


A case report of a mother presenting at 25 weeks pregnancy. An ultrasound scan suggested the size of the foetus to be about 32 weeks with indications of a malformation and hydrops foetalis. A balloon catheter followed by misoprostol given vaginally was used but labour did not progress satisfactorily. A Caesarean Section was carried out and confirmed the congenital abnormalities. The value of early obstetric ultrasonography is discussed.

Keywords: Early trimester sonography, foetal congenital anomaly, induction of labour, intracervical balloon catheter, misoprostol, Caesarian Section

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