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Retroperitoneal pelvic packing for an abdominopelvic gunshot injury

Koma Akim


The objective of the study is to demonstrate the significance of damage control surgery in saving lives and possibly preventing permanent disability in a  resource poor environment. This is because in resource limited settings, advanced treatment modalities such as external fixation and angiography with  embolization are not available. Moreover, besides being expensive, these treatment methods for pelvic fractures require training and skills to perform.  The retroperitoneal pelvic packing is easy to learn and, thus can be used in an emergency to save lives and prevent long-term problems in patients who  have sustained life threatening pelvic injuries and severe haemorrhage. Therefore, specialist surgeons, especially those working in low- and  middle income countries, should be encouraged to learn and consider retroperitoneal pelvic packing as a stabilization and definitive treatment in some  cases of pelvic fractures.

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