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Efforts towards the development of recombinant Vaccines against <i>Pasteurella multocida</i>

AM Ahmad


Hemorrhagic septicemia is caused by gram-negative bacterium of Pasteurella multocida (P. multocida) strains. Most of the current vaccines against P. multocida have shortcomings. Presently, there is increasing efforts towards construction of recombinant clone for vaccine development against P.
multocida. In this review an effort is made to look at some strong candidate genes, different protein bands from virulent strains and recent reported recombinant antigens. The possibility of developing a broad spectrum or cross protection vaccine for P. multocida is also discussed. It is hoped that with
the current development of three (3) completed genome sequence of P. multocida, stronger potential immunogens with broader spectrum will be identified. Furthermore whole genome sequence of other P. multocida strains will surely bridge the gap between diagnosis and vaccine development.

Key words: Virulent, Vaccine, P. multocida, immunogens.
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