Heavy Metals Pollution on Surface Water Sources in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

  • JA Aliyu
  • Y Saleh
  • S Kabiru
Keywords: Heavy Metal, Pollutant, World Health Organization (W.H.O) Standards, X – Ray florescence (XRF), Surface Water and Kaduna


This study examine the effects of heavy metal pollutants to aquatic ecosystems and the environment by considering the role of urban, municipal, agricultural, industrial and other anthropogenic processes as sources of heavy metal pollution in surface water sources of Kaduna metropolis. Samples of the polluted water were collected from River Kaduna and along the Kakuri – Makera drains. The X – Ray florescence (XRF) was used as an analytical technique for the detection of heavy metals (Lead {Pb}, Arsenic {As}, Iron {Fe}, Chromium {Cr}, Copper {Cu} and Zinc {Zn}). The results shows the concentration of most of the heavy metals were higher than WHO (1997) acceptable limits. It is concluded that the water from the river is polluted and may cause serious ecological and health hazards. It is recommended among other things that there should be proper monitoring of effluents into receiving water as an integral part of water management in the river to enable verification of whether or not imposed standards and regulations are met.

Keywords: Heavy Metal, Pollutant, World Health Organization (W.H.O) Standards, X – Ray florescence (XRF), Surface Water and Kaduna


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