X-raying neighbour discovery in a wireless sensor network comprising of non-homogeneous nodes

  • Luhutyit Peter Damuut
Keywords: Sensor, Neighbour, Node, Discovery, Continuous


In most wireless sensor networks, the nodes are often assumed to be stationary. However, network connectivity is subject to changes arising from interference in wireless communication, changes in transmission power or loss of synchronization among neighbouring network nodes. Hence, even after a sensor node is aware of its immediate neighbours, there is need for continuous neighbour discovery. In this paper, an attempt is made to distinguish between neighbour discovery during sensor network initialization and continuous neighbour discovery during the operational of life the network in question. Emphasis is placed on the latter which is viewed as a joint task involving all the nodes in every connected segment in the network. Each of the nodes employs a simple protocol aimed at reducing the amount of power consumed without increasing the time required to detect veiled sensors nodes in the network.

Keywords: Sensor, Neighbour, Node; Discovery, Continuous


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eISSN: 1597-6343