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A performance analysis for evaluation of programming languages based on mobile computing for Nigeria

Aishat Mohammed, Souley Boukari, Samson Henry Dogo, Safiyanu Ahmad


In Nigeria, several programming Languages exist from general purpose to special purpose programming languages that are used in one application domain. People always find difficulties about which programming language should be learnt and adopt to develop particular software. In this paper, three (3) most commonly used programming languages C#, and Java were compared both theoretically and empirically based on data security, data connectivity and data Transfer. The algorithms for each aforementioned criterion were implemented in a mobile device, specifically, Android and Window phones. To know the actual performance of these three chosen programming languages, a simulation study was conducted by testing different size of image files on each programming languages based on the set criteria. The results show that of the three programing languages considered, C# is suitable for data security. is appropriate for the data connectivity such as download scheme. Finally, is suitable for data Transfer using upload scheme.

Keywords: Mobile device, Data Security, Connectivity, Transfer, Speed, Programs

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