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Effect of benzoyl chloride treatment on the mechanical and viscoelastic properties of plantain peel powder - reinforced polyethylene composites

J Jacob, P.A.P. Mamza, A.S. Ahmed, S.A. Yaro


Mechanical and dynamic mechanical analysis of plantain peel powder (PPP) reinforced polyethylene composites has been investigated. The PPP was treated with benzoyl chloride to reduce potential surface hindrances and bring about adhesion. The percentage fibre loading was varied from 0-25 % (0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25) respectively. Ultimate tensile strength, elastic modulus and hardness test data showed an improvement in mechanical properties of the treated fibre composites. Water absorption results indicated that benzoyl chloride treated PPP-recycled polyethylene composites have lower rate of water absorption than the untreated samples. Dynamic mechanical properties results showed that the storage modulus (E') of all the composites increase with increase in fibre loading and decrease with increase in temperature; composite containing 25 % (A25) PPP having the maximum E' value of 678 MPa compared to 576 MPa of the control sample. The results indicated that incorporation of plantain peel powder actually improved the thermal stability and the load bearing capacity of the recycled polyethylene composites.

Keywords: Dynamic mechanical analysis, plantain peel powder, polyethylene composites, recycled low density polyethylene

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