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Enteric bacteria of public health significance isolated from Zaria metropolis dumpsite soil

Y.M.C. Nyandjou, S.E. Yakubu, I.O. Abdullahi, D.A. Machido


Wastes in dumpsites with no proper waste handling method are a source of pathogens to the soil, which in turn contribute to the emergence of community-acquired infections. Given the lack of data on the pathogens in dumpsites, this study isolated and identified enteric pathogenic bacteria found in dumpsite soils in Zaria Metropolis. Two hundred and twelve samples were collected from four dumpsites in Samaru, Sabon-Gari, Tudun-Wada and Zaria City over a period of twelve months (November 2014– December 2015) for isolation and characterization of enteric pathogenic bacteria. The organisms were isolated by the use of cultural methods on selective media and characterized using a series of biochemical tests and confirmed using microgen identification kits. Results were statistically analysed. Bacteriological analysis of the soil samples revealed a total of 178(84.0 %) isolates among which 46(21.7 %) enteric pathogenic bacteria identified in decreasing order of prevalence, Escherichia coli O157:H7 21(9.9 %), Salmonella spp. 18(8.5%), Vibrio cholerae non-O1 7(3.3 %). Other Gram-negative species were also identified. Samples from Tudun-Wada location have the highest occurrence of the target isolates 15(28.3%). The occurrence of enteric pathogenic species at various dumpsites points out to the faecal contamination of waste buy human or animals. Salmonella, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Vibrio cholerae are associated to clinical diseases. Prompt attention and immediate action on the appropriate treatment of the dumpsites is recommended.

Keywords: Enteric pathogenic bacteria, Gram-Negative, solid waste management, health risks of waste dumpsite

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