Improvement of porcelain physical properties through the substitution of quartz element with rice husk ash and palm oil fuel ash

  • H.U. Jamo
  • I.D. Umar
  • S. Abdu
  • Zainab Ali Tambalo
  • Sani Abdulkarim
  • Ibrahim T. Salisu
  • Aminu Musa Liman
  • M.B. Abdullahi
  • M. Izzudden
Keywords: Feldspar, Kaolin, POFA, Quartz, RHA


Rice husk ash (RHA) and palm oil fuel ash (POFA) have a great potential to replace the quartz element in porcelain composition. The Malaysian RHA and POFA were used to substitute quartz in porcelain body from 0 wt% to 25 wt%. The mixed powder was pressed into pellets at pressure of 91 MPa. All the pellets were sintered at a temperatures of 1000 ºC, 1100 ºC, 1200 ºC and 1300 ºC for soaking time 2 hours. The physical analysis results show that the physical properties of the samples increased with increase in substitution and also with the increase in temperature. Moreover, maximum physical properties were obtained on 20 wt% substitution of quartz by RHA and POFA at a temperature of 1200 ºC. The XRD results show that RHA was mainly amorphous form as indicated by a broad peak, while the pattern for POFA indicated the crystalline phase. The SEM shows both RHA and POFA particles consist of irregular particles and have porous cellular It could be concluded therefore, that the RHA and POFA have significant role in the enhancing the physical properties of porcelain body.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-6343