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An affordable fabrication and synthesis of novel Bi/Cu2O/Bi hetero-structure pec solar cell

M. Abdurrahman
F.W. Burari
Maje Alhaji Haruna
Aminu I.
Abdullahi T.
O.W. Olasoji
Shehu M.
H.Y. Shuaibu
M.T. Garba
J. Mohammed


Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) and cupric oxide (CuO) furnish a unique possibility to tune the band gap into the middle of the maximum efficiency for solar cell applications and photoelectrochemical (PEC). Photoactive material containing Bi/Cu2O/Bi has been prepared with high constancy and quality by simple, reliable and an economic thermal oxidation method and Powder Vaporization method. These materials have been characterized using FTIR, at which numerous peaks are present in the sample, were evaluated or assess in detail. The current-voltage characteristic curves were plotted, and the maximum power points of Pmax was also noted. An open circuit voltage Voc 7.24V, a short circuit current Isc of 14.45A And the maximum power point of 0.476W were acquired correspondingly. This work throw off more light in improving the photo response property and the optimization of the band alignment situated at an interface of hetero-structure photoelectrochemical solar cell.