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Aerobically enhanced nano-bioremediation of diesel oil contaminated soil and water using myco-synthesized silver nanoparticle as biostimulating agent

Bright Obidinma Uba
Genevieve Onyinye Obiefuna


To demonstrate the potential use of myco - synthesized silver nanoparticles in the nano -bioremediation of hydrocarbons contaminated soil and water using diesel oil as a model pollutant, a laboratory study with the objective of evaluating enhanced aerobic nano – bioremediation of diesel oil contaminated soil and water using was performed. The myco - synthesized silver nanoparticle was physico – chemically characterized using standard nanotechnological procedures. Soil and water samples were artificially contaminated with diesel oil and exposed to 5-, 10- and 15-mL concentrations of the myco - synthesized silver nanoparticle under ambient conditions for 60 days treatment periods. The results revealed that the physicochemical and spectral outcomes obtained confirmed the particle to be silver nanoparticle (AgNPs). The degradation of diesel oil residue after each treatment periods was evaluated spectrophotometrically. The result showed the ten and fifteen millilitre concentrations had the highest percentage degradative values of 93.40 % and 92.90 % after 60 days while the same concentrations had the lowest percentage degradative efficiency values 88.00 % and 84.90 % after day 1 in diesel oil contaminated water and soil, respectively. The exposure of AgNPs at different doses to waste diesel oil contaminated water and soil does not significantly (P > 0.05) quicken the nano - degradation of waste diesel oil. The reactions kinetics satisfactorily followed either first - order or second - order kinetics while the rate constant increases with a corresponding decrease in half -life time. Therefore, the study showed that myco - synthesized silver nanoparticle could be effective in the rehabilitation of diesel oil polluted environment.