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Determination of selected metals in coal samples from Lafia-Obi and Chikila

A Jauro, A A Chigozie, M.B Nasirudeen


The concentration of iron, aluminum, chromium, magnesium cadmium, potassium, lead and copper in Lafia-Obi and Chikila
coal samples were determined using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). All the samples have comparable chromium and copper contents, while iron, aluminum, magnesium and potassium content vary to some extent. Metals concentrations in both Lafia-Obi and Chikila coal samples are within the limits allowed by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) except in Chikila (UBCJ-1) and Lafia-Obi (MBJJ-6) coal samples where iron was observed to be higher than the stipulated 20 ppm. These show that the disposal of ash generated from the combustion of these coals may not pose a potential threat to

Key words: Coal ash, environment, heavy metals, pollution, proximate analysis, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
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