Application of different organic and mineral fertilizers on the growth, yield and nutrient accumulation of rice in a Japanese ordinary paddy field

  • A.K Myint
  • T Yamakawa
  • Y Kajihara
  • T Zenmyo
Keywords: Cow Manure, Mineralized N, Paddy Soil, Poultry Manure, Rice


A rice cultivation study was conducted at Kyushu University farm. Cow manure (CM), poultry manure (PM), rice straw + urea mix-application (SU), urea (UF) and M-coat, a slow released compound fertilizer (M-coat) were used as the N sources by comparing with no application (Control). Treatments were made with two levels application of each N source at 40 (level I) and 80 kg N ha-1(level II) excluding M-coat. In all urea treatments, three split applications were made. A study of soil incubation was conducted for 2 weeks to investigate the mineralized N of applied mineral and organic fertilizer. Plant growth characters, dry matter, yield and plant nutrient accumulations were higher in mineral fertilization than organic. Mineral fertilization was observed in correlation with the larger crop removal. PM-II as an organic matter provided comparatively higher nutrient accumulations which in turn enhanced the growth and yield of rice. CM and SU gave the lower plant growth, yield and nutrient accumulation. Mineralized N was higher in sole mineral N applications. Organic matter with high C/N ratio provided very low mineralized N and its net N mineralization percentage. Negative values of net N mineralization percentage were observed in SU due to N immobilization. Keywords: Cow Manure, Mineralized N, Paddy Soil, Poultry Manure, Rice (Oryza sativa L.), Rice Straw

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eISSN: 1597-6343