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Measurement of indoor background ionizing radiation in some science laboratories in University of Jos, Jos-Nigeria

DI Jwanbot, MM Izam, M Gambo


Certain types of building materials are known to be radioactive. Exposure to indoor ionizing radiation like exposure to any other type of ionizing radiation results in critical health challenges. Measurement of the background ionizing radiation profile within the Chemistry Research Laboratory and Physics Laboratory III all of the University of Jos and their immediate neighbourhood were carried out. These science laboratories also harbour a number of active
radiation sources. The radiation levels were measured using gammascout
(model GS2 with serial number A20). The radiation levels were: The Chemistry Research Laboratory indoor result was 2.111mSv/yr and the outdoor result was 2.081mSv/yr, Physics Laboratory III indoor result was 2.733mSv/yr and the outdoor result was 2.435mSv/yr. The health implications of the results obtained were discussed.

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