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Microwave Correlation Measurement Crossed-pair Antennas Techniques Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

M Mimi, K Laidi


Microwave correlation radiometry is a possible alternative technique to multi-frequency radiometry for obtaining a measurement of the subcutaneous temperature gradient in living tissue. In its simplest form this technique consists of combining the outputs of two antennas feeding a microwave correlation radiometer. Microwave correlation is based on the coherent detection of noise, here presented as the correlated signal from the two antennas. We propose here new processes, an add and square correlation radiometer and the non-resonant perturbation, which thoroughly investigated for different muscle phantom materials to define the optimum penetration depth of the electromagnetic field at fixed distance between the antennas.

Keywords: Microwave correlation radiometer, non-resonant perturbation, Medical application

Technologies Avancees Vol. 18 2006: pp. 12-17
AJOL African Journals Online