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FK Kahabuka


This Issue has been earmarked to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the East and Southern Africa Division. The Tanzania Dental Journal Is the only one published by the Oral Health professionals In the whole of the East and Southern Africa region. As we gather for this important occasion, pemaps we should remind ourselves the 'importance of having a local good quality journal. In view of the ever Increasing number of scientists in the world contributing manuscripts to the relatively few scientific journals, our chances of publishing In the International journals are IncreaSingly slim. Furthermore, a local contributor's article could be rejected by a foreign journal just because the Information is of no Interest to that region. However, the same article could be very relevant to our community. A good quality local journal, unlike imported ones, would be affordable and easily be distributed In the region. This Is the forum for all levels of oral health professionals to exchange scientific information relevant to the region. Therefore constant production of a local high quality journal is one of the challenges facing the Oral Health professionals in the Eastern and Southern African region. We challenge the Oral Health professionals in the region to come up with high quality papers for publication in this journal.

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