Tropical Freshwater Biology

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A review of the biology and culture of two emerging aquaculture species in Nigeria, the Papyrocranus afer and Xenomystus nigri

A.T. Ibim, G.C. Eziefule, J.O. Ike


A review was carried out on two emerging local species, with the potential of being of enormous economic importance in the Ornamental Fishery Industry in Nigeria, the Papyrocranus afer and Xenomystus nigri, of the family Notopteridae. This study is aimed at providing knowledge on these two locally available aquarium fishes, in order to encourage their breeding/large scale culture, for sustainable growth and development of the Ornamental Fishery Industry in Nigeria. The available information on the biology, including the distribution, environmental and nutritional requirements, reproductive behavior, and culture of these two species were documented. The potential prospects and challenges in the breeding/culture of these species, were also noted however, not much is available as regards their breeding/culture, although these species are of great Ornamental importance due to their characteristic features, pointing to the fact that, when they were needed, they were sourced from the wild. Thus, there is dire need to breed/culture these species in order to fully harness their economic potentials and prevent the collapse of wild stock, in Nigeria.

Keywords: breeding, culture, notopteridae, ornamental importance, papyrocranus afer, xenomystus nigri

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