Tropical Freshwater Biology

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Inventory of fisheries and fishes of the Lagos Lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria

B Oribhabor, B Ezenwa


The systematic literature of fishes and fisheries in Lagos Lagoon is scattered, hence there is need for a comprehensive documentation of the diverse fish species that characterize the ecosystem. Fisheries research by earlier scientists reveals diverse species of fishes in the Lagoon. In recent years, a decline in a hitherto viable commercial artisanal fishery, points to environmental degradation and possible changes in water quality with biological consequences for the biota in this environment. The Lagos Lagoon is made of about one hundred and fifteen (115) species of fin fishes in seventy-nine (79) genera, forty-nine (49) families, seventeen (17) orders, two (2) classes and (1) super-class (Gnathostomata). In addition, there are four (4) species of decapod crustaceans (shell fishes) in three (3) families. This paper also shows changes in species composition as reported by the historic documentation in literature.

Keywords: fishes, fisheries, inventory, Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria

Tropical Freshwater Biology Vol. 14 2005: 19-36
AJOL African Journals Online