Current research on Clarias batrachus, the medicinal fish

  • S Debnath
Keywords: Clarias batrachus, medicinal fish, review, adaptation, genetics


Fisheries and aquaculture is gaining more emphasis due to our concern in sustainability, greener solutions, conservation and food security. Detailed studies on physiology, genetics and general biology are therefore in a fish species very much relevant in order to put forward conservation protocols and to propose newer and improved culture practices. Establishment of Clarias batrachus in several continents and its popularity as a freshwater culturable fish species among consumers made the species suitable for thorough reviews with respect to various parameters. According to FAO estimates, the demand for catfishes throughout the world is increasing and Clarias batrachus with its several beneficial aspects remain as a hit among the Asians in particular. In order to protect the genetic resources of this species from unwanted hybridization, which the species is very much vulnerable the fish geneticists and the government bodies should work together. Habitat protection and sustainable consumption of this excellent fish species is the need today.

Key words: Clarias batrachus, medicinal fish, review, adaptation, genetics


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eISSN: 0795-0101