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The determination of safety of Muhanse M4<sup>®</sup>, a traditional herbal preparation used to treat HIV/AIDS-related conditions and diseases in Tanzania

PP Mhame
VA Nyigo
GP Mbogo
VE Wiketye
G Kimaro
A Mdemu
JW Ogondiek
CP Imeda
S Katani
R Sunguruma
NA Kitufe


Muhanse M4® is a traditional herbal preparation that has been in use in Tanzania for the past 17 years to improve the quality of life among people living with HIV/AIDS. This study was carried out to determine the safety of the extract Muhanse M4® in animal models. The qualitative test to identify alkaloids and saponins compounds was carried out. The toxicity tests in Swiss albino mice and rats were done according to WHO guidelines of 1993. Muhanse M4® was dissolved homogeneously in distilled water and was administered both intraperitonially and orally for 14 days for sub-acute test and 24 hours for acute test. Qualitatively, the extract was found to contain no alkaloids or saponins. In rats intraperitoneal doses that caused 100% lethality were 758.55 mg/kg and 553.7415mg/kg when administered singly and repeated, respectively. Single oral dose up to 3034.200mg/kg did not cause any death in the tested mice or rats. NOEL during intraperitoneal repeated doses for liver in rats was 424.788mg/kg, and NOAEL was 455.130mg/kg. In rats LD10%, LD50% and LD100% were 485.472mg/kg, 526.4337mg/kg and 553.7415mg/kg, respectively. In conclusion, Muhanse M4® extract is considered to be safe in laboratory animals.

Keywords: Muhanse M4®, toxicity, medicinal plants, traditional medicine, HIV/AIDS

Tanzania Health Research Bulletin Vol. 7(3) 2005: 168-173

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eISSN: 1821-9241
print ISSN: 1821-6404