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Teething induced fever in a 9-month old child: a case report

Haruna I. Dika, Shabani Iddi, Neema Kayange


The association between teething and fever has attracted considerable interest because studies have reported controversial results. These discordant results have posed a challenge in the management of fever occurring during teething.  The objective of this paper is to supplement previous studies which showed association between teeth eruption and fever and highlight mismanagement of teething induced fever. A 9-month old baby girl presented with fever during teeth eruption. Despite of no malaria parasites seen on blood slide and lack of features and laboratory investigations suggestive of urinary tract infection or bacteremia, the child was treated with antimalarial drugs and prescribed antibiotics. This case study demonstrates that unrecognized teething induced fever leads to unnecessary use of anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics.  We recommend paediatricians to consider teething as one of the causes of fever among children.

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