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Influence of Management of Government Records to The Promotion of Good Governance in Two Ministries of Katsina State

Hafiz Umar
Dr Baba S Aduku
Maimuna M Ahmed


This paper examines ‘the influence of management of government records to the promotion of good governance in two ministries of Katsina State’. Two research objectives were stated : to find out the type of policy used in the management of records and to find out the influence of management of records to the promotion of good governance in Katsina State; the literature were reviewed based on the research questions, the method used in this study was survey and the population of the study is 55 which comprised records managers, staff officers, secretaries among others, the findings of this study indicated that there is no records management policy in the ministries and the area in which records influence governance are for effective administration, decision making and accountability, recommendations were provided such as; awareness campaign through seminars and workshops should be provided to the staff of the offices and records management policy should be made available and implemented for the efficiency and effectiveness of management of records in the ministries.