Use of Internet Facilities and Metadata as Precursors to Electronic Resource Cataloguing In Selected University Libraries In South-Western Nigeria

  • O Adebayo
  • EN Emeahara


The study examined use of internet facilities and metadata as precursors to electronic resource cataloguing in selected academic libraries in South-West Nigeria. Six University libraries were randomly selected. One hundred (100) respondents comprising current cataloguers and those who had worked as cataloguers were sampled for the study. A descriptive survey method using a self constructed questionnaire was used. Six research questions and one null hypothesis were raised and tested using descriptive and inferential statistics of frequency counts, percentages, mean and Pearson correlation. Results show that there is a significant relationship in the use of internet facilities and metadata in cataloguing electronic resources. Other major findings include: high availability of CD-ROMs, electronic journals and web resources in the selected libraries, high availability of the internet, cataloguing modules and Online Public Access (OPAC) and high usage of internet facilities such as the E-mail, web browsing and Discussion forums. The respondents signified that the  internet has helped in reducing their workload and the metadata in use in the library is very suitable for cataloguing electronic resources. There was a significant relationship between the use of internet facilities and metadata in cataloguing electronic resources (r = .298, P<.01). The importance of  ICT in cataloguing activities cannot be overemphasized. Academic libraries need to equip their cataloguing sections with adequate ICT facilities. It is recommended that academic libraries provide internet bandwidth that is sufficient enough to carry out various tasks in the cataloguing sections and also attract sophisticated users. This could be achieved by acquiring VSAT meant only for the library instead of sharing with other units in their parent institutions. It is also recommended that there should be an action plan for the maintenance of IT facilities to forestall breakdowns and malfunctioning of the facilities. Some facilities such as computers and scanners needs to be changed or upgraded as the need arise.

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eISSN: 1596-5422