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Effect ofMucunaprurienson the Reproductive Tract of Giant African Land Snail (Archachatinamarginata)

J. A. Abiona, O. Ojo, A.O. Ladokun, M.O. Abioja, J.O. Daramola, I.J. James, O.A. Osinowo, O. M. Onagbesan


A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Mucuna pruriens on the reproductive tract of Giant African Land snail (Archachatina marginata).Thirty (30) snails weighing between 100 to 150g were used with ten replicate per treatment. Feed given were: concentrate, mixture of concentrate and Mucuna seed meal and Mucuna seed meal only. Parameters measured include: Organ weight, Tract length, Tract weight, Ovo testis weight, shell parameters (Shell weight, Shell length, Shell width and Shell circumference) and egg number. Snail weight, organ weight, tract weight and ovo testis weight were measured with sensitive scale, while tract length, shell length, shell width and circumference were measured with tape rule. Egg number laid was manually counted after laying. Gonado Somatic Index (GSI) was also calculated as ratio of ovo testis to organ weight. At the end of eight weeks, results showed that snails fed with concentrate had higher Organ weights (119.672±6.551 vs 100.278±6.551 vs 78.915±6.551), Tract length (23.460±1.197 vs 23.270±1.197 vs 19.200±1.197), Tract weights (23.87±1.646 vs 21.805±1.646 vs 13.329±1.646), Ovo testis weights (7.853±0.0402 vs 7.307±0.0402 vs 5.318±0.0402), Shell length (11.062±0.095 vs 10.467±0.095 vs 10.735±0.095), Shell width (6.063±0.055 vs5.765±0.055 vs 5.835±0.055), Shell circumference (18.559±0.145 vs 17.590±0.145 vs 17.725±0.145) and egg number (17 vs 5 vs 0) compared to those given mucuna seed meal and mixture of mucuna seed meal and concentrate. Gonado somatic index was not significantly affected by the three feed used in this study, while those snail fed concentrate alone laid higher number of eggs compared to other feed. It was concluded from this study that concentrates support egg number, organ weight, reproductive tract development and shell increase in size. It is recommended that functionality of organ weight and reproductive tract be assessed via histological study to further evaluate the actual cellular influence of both concentrate and Mucuna seed meal.

Keywords: Mucuna pruriens, Reproductive tract, Archachatina marginata, Snails

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