Residual effects of animal manures on physical and chemical characteristics of silage produced from Panicum maximum (Ntchisi) in Abeokuta south-west, Nigeria

  • I. A. Ewetola
  • J. A. Olanite
  • R.O. Adepoju
  • P.A Dele
  • T.O. Muriana
  • O.T Sangodele
  • S.O. Mustapha
  • Y.T. Adesetan
Keywords: residual, organic manure, silage, Panicum maximum (Ntchisi)


This experiment was conducted to investigate effects of animal manures on chemical composition of silage produced from Panicum maximum (Ntchisi) two - years post application. The plots were established in June 2010 during this period, animal manures from cattle dung, swine waste, poultry droppings and small ruminant waste had been applied. In late July 2011, (i.e. after 8 weeks of re-growth) the forage materials were harvested at 25 cm above ground level from the plots where Panicum maximum (Ntchisi)[ P. maximum N ]fertilized with different animal manures were grown to produce silage. The silages were opened after 45 and 90 days of ensiling and sub samples were taken for determination of physical and chemical characteristics. The experiment consists of two factors namely; four manure types and control (i.e. without manure) and two lengths of ensiling (45 and 90 days).It was 5 x 2 factorial arrangements with 3 replicates. It was observed that all the parameters of physical characteristics of silage were significantly (P < 0.05) influenced except moisture content. Also, proximate and fibre compositions parameters were significantly (P < 0.05) different. The animal manures applied had positive effect on mouldiness of silage and, this was more pronounced in cattle manure at 90 days of ensiling. The silage produced from poultry–manure fertilized grass had desirable crude protein value, but at 90 days of ensiling, the best performance was observed with a considerable low ADF value. To ensure all yearround production of ruminants through adequate feeding with silage, Panicum maximum (Ntchisi) fertilized with poultry manure ensiled for 90 days is therefore recommended for the farmers.

Key words: residual; organic manure; silage; Panicum maximum (Ntchisi)


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eISSN: 1119-4308